JLG Group Board member Susanne Chishti has received further recognition for being one of the most influential experts and commentators on the rapidly evolving world of FinTech.

Susanne has been listed in the top 100 (24th) in international influencer marketing software platform company, Onalytica’s ‘FinTech Top 100 Influencers’. Previously Susanne’s expertise and influence has been recognised with a number of awards that include the FinTech Champion of the Year Award 2019 (Women in Finance Awards) and Social Media Influencer of the Year 2018 (Investment Week).

JLG Group Executive Chairman John Davies says, “Congratulations to Susanne but of course we already know and benefit from her knowledge of the fast evolving FinTech sector.

There is a lot of talk about how SMEs should embrace Fintech and the real value FinTech solutions can add to small businesses. FinTech has the power to provide seamless, invisible financial tools to make running businesses easier in a time-starved environment.

This was the premise that our company was founded on and we have successfully integrated a number of FinTech solutions into our back office and customer journey. Susanne’s expertise means we are kept up to date on new innovations that will enable us to continue delivering on this aim.”

Date Issued Feb 2020